Rivalia White Tempranillo


Rivalia White Tempranillo It´s a wine made with grapes of that variety, which is native of La Rioja. This was possible thank to a natural transformation of a Black Tempranillo vine.


The grapes are manually picked up during the last fortnight of september, because It´s a early variety. When the crapes come to the winery, they macerate for a very short time and then we press it. After that the grape must is separated from the «mud» in a static way. The Grape must ferments in a controlled way (no more than 18ºC) in order to preserve all its natural smells.

Tasting Notes

In sight its a pretty bright wine. Its colour is straw yellow with greenish touches.

In reference to the smells It´s elegant and very expressive. We can find tropical and white fruits, with light herbal touches.

Concerning the tasty, the wine is broad and fresh. with a pleasant entrance and a persistent end, which remind us of fruits and flowers.

Consumption Temperature

You should consume It very cold, between 6 and 10ºC.